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Clematis Belle of Woking

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Belle of Woking

Clematis x Belle of Woking
Flowers are double silvery mauve
Flower is 12 cm wide or about 5 inches.
Foliage is green
Vine grows  250 cm tall or about 9 feet.
Blooms in June - Aug
Prune lightly spring as some flowers on old wood
Full sun to part shade.
Zone 4
Clematis like shade on the roots and sun on the tops, and many varieties, especially in the pinks and mauves are quite shade tolerant. An alkaline soil (add a handful of dolometic lime if your soil is acid) will be beneficial. Plant something (perhaps Sedum spectablis) to shade the roots if the Clematis is growing in full sun. Regular watering to establish the plants is good but after that they are quite self reliant.
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