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Hemerocallis / Daylily Frans Hals

Daylily Catalogue                                            


Frans Hals has thin petaled orange and yellow flowers with a pronounced yellow stripe.

Frans Hals
Flowers are rust & yellow/orange bi-colour
Flower is 10 cm wide or about 4 inches.
Plant stands  70 cm tall or about 28 inches.
Blooms in July-Sept

Daylilies or Hemerocallis are easy care perennials for sunny areas. With several varieties mixed together you can have flower from Mid-June to mid September. Daylilies attract butterflies and hummingbirds.
Care: Deadheading (cutting off spent flowers to prevent seed forming) will make plants tidier and prolong bloom, especially for Tetraploid and re-blooming varieties. If soil quality is poor adding compost and fertilizer like bonemeal (high in middle number) will increase flowers. Cut foliage down in late fall or remove in spring. Daylilies may be divided every 5 years or when clump starts to die in center. Divide in spring or fall, using two forks to tease plant apart.                       Not deer resistant.

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