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Echinacea Flame Thrower

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Flame Thrower
Echinacea  purpurea
Flowers are deep red fading to golden yellow
Plant is 75 cm wide or about 30 inches.
Plant stands  90 cm tall or about 36 inches.
Blooms in July-Sept
North American wildflower with large coloured flowers. Echinacea bloom in summer and fall , forming a showy, upright clump which is a favorite feeding station for many butterflies and birds. New hybrids are vigorous and have bright and different colours. Seed heads are useful in dried arrangements. Deer Resistant.
Care: Deadheading (cutting off spent flowers to prevent seed forming) will make plants tidier and strengthen weaker new hybrids. Once plants are established seed heads give winter interest and feed birds. Echinacea thrive in dry locations once they are established. Plant in full sun for best effect, can tolerate some morning shade. Large groups give better effect.

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