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Grass Schizachyrium scoparium 'Prarie Blues'

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Schizachyrium scoparium
                      'Prarie Blues'Schizachyrium
                      scoparium 'Prarie Blues'
Schizachyrium scoparium
Prarie Blues
Little Bluestem Grass
Grass is 80 cm tall or about 32 inches.
Foliage is deep blue, burgundy fall
Zone 3
 Deer Resistant.
Watering is medium

Ornamental Grasses are best left long for the winter, both for winter interest and for the health of the plant. When shearing grasses in spring (or fall if you must) do not try to cut right at ground level, 3-4 inches up is better. Some people use a hedge trimmer to cut thick grass stems. Some grasses (Fescue and Helictotrichon) are semi-evergreen and do not need heavy shearing in spring, instead give a light trim or pull out brown stems by combing fingers through. 
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