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Paeonia tenuifolia Itoba

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Itoba This is a tenuifolia cultivar, with single rather than the double flowers P.t. Plena has. The fern leaf varieties of Peony are a special addition to a collectors garden.
Paeonia tenuifolia
single red pink yellow stamens

Plant will grow 60 cm tall
Flowers may be 10 cm across
Garden Peonies (lactiflora) are old-fashioned favorites for late spring display. Be cautious about planting too deep, or mulching too heavily as plants will not set bloom. An easy plant for sunny areas.
Tree Peonies (suffruticosa) have stunning large flowers on a shrub base. They should not be pruned (at least until they are very large) unless cutting off winter kill. Care should be given to not overcrowd the plants, and protective mulch for winter would be a good plan. While plants will tolerate full sun, partial shade is better.
Fernleaf Peonies (tenuifolia) are unique specimens for the dedicated collector. The flower seem to float above the very finely cut foliage. Plants may go dormant in hot areas so mark location carefully.
Itoh Peonies are a cross of lactifolia with suffruticosa. Like all peonies they prefer well drained soil. In clay soils they will take longer to reach full size.

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