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Squash Borer Control BTK
Some vegetable gardeners are having success controlling Squash Borer by injecting diluted BTK in vines.
What follows is a description sent by one of our customers. She also recommends looking at You-Tube Videos.
  • I got syringes from Peavy Mart and about 18 or 20 gauge needles. The syringe can be bought separately for under 5 dollars and you want one that holds 5 cc or more.  The needles come in packages of 10 to 20 for about $10.  I start the process with 3 small mason jars: one for BTK mix, one for bleach/water solution and the last with tap water.  I just mix up a small amount of BTK and water in a small clean glass jar - enough to make the water dirty looking (maybe 1/2 teaspoon in a the smallest size mason jar). Fill the syringe and find the spot of the squash/zucchini plant where there is frass (insect poop) protruding and gently insert syringe and inject liquid.  I generally need to move the injection around to find the borer cavity so the liquid can go in.  I have had to repeat this throughout the season.
  • I then flush the syringe/needle with a bleach/water mix and followed by a pure water mix before moving to the next plant or storing the syringe until next time.  Extreme caution used to not get a needle prick injury.
  • Also the dilution of BTK doesn't keep so I mix fresh each time that I use it. I think it keeps for 2-3 days.
  • There are a number of YouTube from different gardeners if helpful to watch - just search with {injecting BT for squash vine borer} and many options come up. Some gardeners use it as a preventative method but I find getting the needle into a healthy squash plant is difficult and I'd rather treat it when I see that the insect has borrowed a hole in the base of the vine.  Itís quite easy to see where thereís insect damage given the frass.

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