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Clematis are a garden favorite. Most Clematis require a trellis (or shrub) to attach to. Clematis do not like acidic soil. Pruning information differs depending on variety. See the article Clematis for more information. Non hybrid varieties such as alpina, heracleifolia and paniculata tend to have profuse smaller flowers. More information at the page bottom.  
New means new to us, some of these varieties have been around for a long time.
Prices are tax included and subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to limit quantities. This reflects what has been ordered and confirmed, however it may change.
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Last updated 2022-09-05
Please quote Code along with name and quantity when ordering ie 2 CLE405
Clematis fargesoides
Clematis heracleifolia New Love
Clematis integrifolia Rooguchi
Clematis macropetala Blue Bird
fargesoides heracleifolia integrifolia macropetala

New Love Rooguchi Blue Bird
Flowers are 4 cm Flowers are 5 cm Flowers are 5 cm Flowers are 8 cm
$27{23.89 before tax} no supply 2022
$27{23.89 before tax} $27{23.89 before tax}
CLE195 NEW CLE203 CLE205 CLE210
Sold Out
no supply 2022 In Stock In Stock

Clematis paniculata
Clematis Ascotinisis
Clematis Capitaine Thuilleux
Clematis Comtesse de Bouchard
Ascotinisis Capitaine Thuilleux Comtesse de Bouchard
Flowers are 4 cm Flowers are 15 cm Flowers are 18 cm Flowers are 12 cm
$27{23.89 before tax} $27{23.89 before tax} $27{23.89 before tax} $27{23.89 before tax}
Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out

Clematis Duchess of Edinburgh
Clematis Guernsey Cream
Clematis Jackmaiii
Clematis Multi Blue
Duchess of Edinburgh Guernsey Cream Jackmaiii Multi Blue
Flowers are 12 cm Flowers are 13 cm Flowers are 10 cm Flowers are 15 cm
$27{23.89 before tax} $27{23.89 before tax} $27{23.89 before tax} $27{23.89 before tax}
CLE410 CLE580 CLE630 CLE750
In Stock
Sold Out

Clematis Niobe
Clematis Rouge Cardinal
Clematis Vyvyan Pennel

Niobe Rouge Cardinal Vyvyan Pennel
Flowers are 15 cm Flowers are 15 cm Flowers are 18 cm
$27{23.89 before tax} $27{23.89 before tax} $27{23.89 before tax}
CLE820 CLE878 CLE936 NEW
In Stock
Sold Out Sold Out
Many Clematis can grow well in partial shade, as they prefer a cool location. When planting in full sun areas try to shade the bottom part of the Clematis with leafy plants. Growing Clematis up shrubs showcases them well. Choose shrubs which get at least 3 meters tall and which do not require frequent pruning. We have good luck with Lilac (Syringa), Serviceberry (Amalanchier), and Amur Maple (Acer ginnala). Add dolemetic lime to soil when planting and yearly for best health.

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