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Frequently Asked Questions at Made in the Shade

How long have you been here?

Made in the Shade Perennials opened in 2006. We have gardened here since 1991.

Do you have perennials for sun?

Yes, we got a little bored, and we had so many requests for sun perennials.

Do you just sell perennials?

We mostly sell perennials, and also some shrubs. We get a lot of pond plants in, including water hyacinths and lettuce that are not hardy. Dahlias, Begonias, Gladiola and the rest of the spring planted bulbs are usually sold. In fall besides a large range of Tulips, Daffodils and other odd bulbs we sell Amaryllis.

What do you mean by shady?

Usually when a plant tag says shady, it means no more than 3-5 hours of sun, and not afternoon sun.

What do you mean by partial shade?

Partial shade usually means it gets some sun, but not hot afternoon sun. Sun all morning, shade in the afternoon is part shady. Shade all morning but sun in the afternoon is sunny.

What zone are we in?

Kingston is zone 5or 5a. By the water sometimes zone 6, out in the country where the wind howls, zone 4. Ottawa is zone 4 in places, zone 5 in other places. Micro-climates can affect hardiness zones. See article Lets talk Zones.

How should I plant this?

Dig a hole, larger in width and slightly deeper than the pot. Add organic material to the soil around the plant, especially if the soil is clay or sand. Add amended soil to the bottom of the hole so the plant will sit at the same height it is in the pot. With one hand cradling the plant, tip the pot over and gently remove it from the pot. Then gently put the plant in the hole, and fill in around it. Then firm soil around the plant, as air pockets around the roots can be deadly. Always water your plants immediately after planting. 

I can not plant it right away, how do I keep it?

Keep in a shaded location (even if it is a sun loving perennial) that is not too windy. Water every 2 or 3 days.

How do I look after my plant once it is planted?

Make sure you check to see if your planted perennials need water on a regular basis. We suggest you check two or three times a week for the first three weeks.  Perennials are not heavy feeders, however all plants benefit from added nutrients such as compost, manure, or fertilizer.

What can I do about deer?

In area where deer (or rabbits) are a pest, the best solution is to try to plant mostly perennials they do not like to eat. Our signage has a notation for deer resistance, as does our catalogue. There are some organic deer repellents which we sell, and they work well. Areas closer to the house are less attractive to deer. The sound and smell of dogs is another good deterrent. 

Can you visit my garden?

We would love to visit everyone's gardens, however it just is not possible. If you would like to pay for an on-site consultation, please contact us. Many people bring digital photos and plans of their gardens to the nursery for us to help them with garden design free of charge.

What do you do with the plants for winter? The plants are laid down in groups in places where snow usually collects. Leaves are used for cover. Most winters we have a very good success rate, loosing less than 5%. There is a good description at the end of the Hosta Collecting Article

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