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What's New at Made in the Shade

                          autumn joyWow what a Wednesday Sept 27th!
Thanks to all who came by to share a perfect day....Next Wednesday Oct 4th will be our last big sale day this year....
Check updated Availability PDF here

Sedum Autumn Joy look good for so long in your gardens....a bee favourite.
Fall CrocusAnother great Wild Wednesday Sept 20th.....
Watch this space Tuesday for next Wednesday's Sale.....
Think about your bulbs! Selection is getting lower as items sell out
See our Bulb Catalogue here

Fall Crocus planted now will bloom in late October....
At right is Crocus zonatus
Introducing Wild Wednesday's!
New deals only on Wednesday's.....For September and into October

Thanks for a very impressive first Wild Wednesday.....Sept 13th!
Check this page Tuesday's to see what Wednesday's special will be.
Can't get here on a Wednesday?
Orders placed after 5pm Tuesday on-line will be processed Wednesday but
Must be paid by 6pm Wednesday (either over the phone or via e-transfer)
Pickup within a week preferred. 
mix Fairy GardenMost of the Fall Bulbs have arrived!!
More will be arriving in about 2 weeks or so...
We have some blend packages to make choosing easier
Fairy Garden Mix is shown at left and would be ideal for forcing or in an early spring location.

The Amaryllis will come mid October.
Tulip ArtistWhat a wet summer! This must be what gardening in England is like!
We are getting ready for our Fall Bulb shipment. Tentative date is Sept 1st or so....more likely the week after Labour Day. See our Fall Bulb catalogue for a sneak preview.
Tulip Artist shown at right
Lotus BlossomOur Lotus has bloomed!!!
On July 19th it opened, and it is spectacular.
We will take tentative reservations for next spring......
Lotus like warm not very deep water and at least 6 hours of sun to bloom.
Ours has a second flower stalk developing...
so maybe another in 2-3 weeks.
Peony Do TellFirst Day of Summer! Wow spring goes fast around here, so busy.
                                                                 Peony Do Tell
Gift Certificates continue to be a big hit!
If you email us with amount and ideally who the gift is for, we will email back an invoice. Once that is paid (yes we love e transfer or use a credit card over the phone) we will email a PDF copy of the certificate.
Certain items are already getting ordered quickly.
We suggest you reserve early for Clematis, Roses and fancy Peonies.
Next years catalogues are all posted.
2023 Availability as a PDF is posted.
We are compiling a shrub and tree order for spring, please email any requests.
There are many shrubs in Availability starting code=SHRU
                          decorAll the plants are put to bed for the winter, now it is time for some Christmas pot decorations.....start with a pot full of fairly dry earth, add branches, pine boughs, Hydrangea dry flowers or whatever you prefer. Water well only once it is in place (easier to move dry).
Here Lynn and Amber put the finishing touches on their we think about how to run a workshop next year.
Plans are being made for workshops for 2023. Some will be craft types, some demonstrations of gardening techniques, discussion of plant choices and so on.
bulb trenchgh1
                          bulbsEnd of season bulb planting....come spring look for some impressive bulb displays down the west side of Greenhouse 1 and in the lower field in front of the hedge. When we plant bulbs we plant lots! Daffodils and Hyacinths with red Tulips by the hedge.
Amaryllis Bulbs have finally arrived.....and they are selling fast.
Better late than never, both Amaryllis and Paper-Whites are finally here.
Both make wonderful additions to your Christmas decor. Amaryllis also make great gifts.
As you pull out your Dahlias check out the Selections for
Spring Tubers and Corms
Hemerocallis Spacecoast Better LateIt's the lazy daisies of summer......lots of Daisies, Echinacea (purple cone flower), Black-eyed Susan's and more to have colour all summer long in your sunny areas.
Daylilies are in full swing and the re-blooming types are so nice.
Come for a visit even if it is just to get ideas.....
at left is Hemerocallis Space Coast Better Late
Pond plants have arrived. Lots of Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, Water Lilies, marginals and oxygenators for you home pond.
Iris reticulataOpen for the season, ready or not!
Customers are now welcome to come and visit the nursery and see the greenhouses as well as shop for seeds and bulbs.
While supply chains are certainly strained we have a great selection of plants we are growing for the 2022 planting season. See the Catalogue page for more info
Amarylis MamboThis Mambo Amaryllis photo came to us from someone who received the bulb as a gift....
It has 10 blooms.
In fall we get some of the biggest Amaryllis bulbs you have ever seen.
Once flowers are finished, cut of flower stocks and fertilize. By summer let plant completely dry out. We pull out of the pots and re-pot in fall. Or simply start again with new bulbs.
A busy time on the web pages for;
Corms and Tubers including Begonias, Dahlias, Glads, Lilies and Tender Bulbs
Clematis varieties we hope to get
Echinacea varieties
Grasses catalogue
Hosta in all sorts of sorts from alphabetical to size to NEW Hosta Varieties
more to come keep checking for updates
Peony Kamata nishikiWe continue to work on the web site and all the photo catalogues....staying warm as best we can. The greenhouses are empty and we will start planting in late February.

            Tree peony Kamata-nishiki
Amaryllis top sizeThe Amaryllis have arrived! Amaryllis Catalogue
Amaryllis make great gifts.
That means all the bulbs have arrived.
There is still a great selection of Daffodils, Hyacinth and small lawn bulbs. Tulips are almost all sold, but still a few varieties remain.
Bulbs can be planted as long as the ground is not frozen, however they will grow better if planted by the end of October.
                          bulbsBulbs Bulbs Bulbs!!!! Over 15,000 bulbs are here in the store....Fancy Daffodils, crates of Daffodils, Hyacinths, Tulips, Allium, Crocus....almost everything has arrived!!!
At Right are the crated Daffodils Tulips and Hyacinths.
Some are still available, most were pre-ordered in the spring for large properties.
                          crocusFall blooming Crocus have arrived......
These bulbs will most likely bloom this year
if planted by the end of September
The Crocus Sativus are saffron crocus.....
A little goes a long way!!!
The stamens are plucked and dried and are used in many dishes.
Crocus Catalogue
There will be more bulbs such as Tulips and Daffodils along with many other odd ball types arriving soon.
DAISY REAL DREAMGENTIANAGentians on the left and Leucanthemum / Daisy
Real Dream on the right.....great flowers to brighten up the late summer garden.......
What a difference 18 days make!!!
Pond plants have arrived. We carry a limited selection of Water Lilies, Papyrus, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce and a few more items.
snow day......and this is why we caution people about early planting. Many plants are just fine when late snow arrives. Some plants fresh out of the greenhouse can suffer, although perennials will almost always survive.
Clematis, Astilbe, Echinacea, Ferns, Hosta, Kirengeshoma and Rodgersia are perennials for which we are very cautious about spring frosts.
Getting ready for opening day next Tuesday April 20th.....this warm weather has made everyone ready to buy, however when planning back in September we planned for the usual timing for our perennials.
This means our young plants still need TLC until well into May.
Everything is growing fast and looks great. We are reserving paid for plants via email  ordering
and will have extensive curbside business as well as limited browsing as we did last year (10 to 4 Tuesday to Saturday).
Sign up for our email newsletter to get notified about product availability and seasonal sales. We are not one of those weekly types but send maybe 8-10 per year.
                          crocusLATE FALL We are closed for the winter. We will sell some seeds and potting soil starting in late February. We will open for the season April 20th 2021.

This is a photo of some fall crocus we planted Oct 1st this year. They have been blooming for 2 weeks so far. We will again sell the bulbs in late summer next year....

                          AUTUMN JOYSedum are a mainstay of the fall garden....the image is of an older Sedum Autumn Joy. Planted about 8 years ago. Sedum can get floppy if they are in too much shade or sometimes when they get old. Very drought tolerant the foliage sometimes turns yellow if too much water has been given. It is a good plant to split every 5-9 years or so, but wait till spring. We have a large selection of Sedum still available....see our Sedum Catalogue
pondThis tiny frog can rest easily on the Water Hyacinths in one of our small ponds. Bees also sometimes use water plants to rest on.

This pond is over 24 years old and still looking great. One liner replacement and we have replaced the top boards once.
Summer heat....keep watering regularly. For best results water thoroughly in the early morning. Deep watering less often will encourage roots to go deeper and plants to establish better. Monarda and Summer Phlox often get powdery mildew, and evening watering leaving the foliage moist overnight is a major cause. The best Monarda I have ever grown was around a leak in the sprinkler system. Soaker-hoses also suit Monarda and tall Phlox.
                          majesteWe are continuing with allowing customers to browse and also curbside pickup. All the perennials look great.
With the current Covid situation we have made the difficult decision not to bring any additional Trees, Fruit Trees or Shrubs in this year.
This will allow us to concentrate on our core business of selling perennials.
We will continue to operate with only family members for all of 2020.
Thanks to all our customers for a great year. Looking forward to 2020 with increased tree sales, and as usual lots of new varieties of perennials along with old favourites.
thaliamuscariSpring Bulbs are all here, lots of choice this year including (but not limited to) Fritallaria, Allium, Eranthis, Chionodoxa, Camassia, Muscari, Snowdrops and of course Tulips and Daffodils.
The first bees we see in spring are on the Crocus and other early bulbs.....and they give us lovely early colour before any other flowers are ready to bloom.
We are prepping for opening, potting the new stock, wetting our plants. Opening day will be April 20th....the Saturday of Easter weekend. Drop by and see all the new baby plants.
waterlilyPond plants have arrived....
Oxygenators, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, Hardy Water-Lilies and more.

Waterlilies can be grown in any container that is at least 15" deep and make a real showstopper on your patio. As a bonus....they don't need to be watered all the time.
Plants are coming out of the greenhouses ready for planting. We also have a large quantity of overwintered well rooted perennials. These are prime stock and much sought after by knowledgeable landscape designers. 
CammassiaCamassia bulbs give these wonderful blue spiked flowers in Late May / Early June. They are about 60 cm (2 feet) tall and our patches last for about 3 weeks. These bulbs are very long lived with patches planted 20 years ago still flowering well every year.
The foliage can easily be hidden by planting with a late flowering perennial such as Black-Eyed Susan or Asters.
Deer resistant.
Bulbs available now, or in pots come spring.
New Article about Garden Renovation
as well as re-formatting some articles that were PDF's.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Baptisia australis            
Plants are coming out of the greenhouses, everything is ready to go.....Miniature Hosta looking wonderful, and the cool weather has kept the bulbs in our gardens fresh and long lasting......

Summer already.....Just finishing our yearly inventory count. 1400 Hosta in 118 varieties. Over 500 Varieties of other perennials and shrubs in stock.....for roughly 10,000 plants (we keep making more so it is hard to keep track!).

After our best year ever, with great sales growth we are ready for whatever winter brings us....All plants protected for winter, orders placed for spring.....Time to start planning for another great season. Thanks to all our wonderful customers!!
Aug 1, 2014
MixedHemerocallisIf you thought Hemerocallis (Daylilies) only came in ditch orange, think again. Daylilies come in stunning colours, and flower for most of the summer....still lots in stock.
July 31, 2014
CoreopsisThe Alpine Scree Garden we started last fall, is really rewarding us with some terrific displays.
These 3 types of thread leaf Coreopsis
have been blooming for all of July and just don't seem to be stopping. All 3 varieties wintered well after being planted in late fall. The new hybrid Coreopsis do not produce seeds the way the old varieties did, and so they are welcome additions our collection.
Coreopsis 'Mercury Rising' (Red)
Coreopsis 'Sienna Sunset' (Burnt Orange)
Coreopsis 'Zagreb' (Yellow)
June 24, 2014
How to plant a Yucca......use cable ties or string to collect up the leaves. This prevents damage to the Yucca flower from handling (and protects the planter from sharp leaf tips).
June 24, 2014
Orchids at Purdon ConservationOrchidsPurdon Area.
Last week we made a pilgrimage to see the wild Orchids.
Well worth a visit every couple of years. To get there travel to Perth then turn north off Hwy 7 onto Hwy #511; follow it through Lanark village. Travel about 5 km north, turn left onto Watson's Corners Rd.; follow it for 12 km watch for signs. Turn right onto concession Rd 8 and travel 3 km. There is a good boardwalk which allows you to walk right into the wetlands to see the 1,000's of Cypripedium regina (Showy Orchids) along with other orchids, pitcher plants and much more. Mosquito repellant might be needed, although the breeze kept them off the day we were there.

We will be bringing in a very limited number of Showy Orchids in the fall. Please contact us if you are interested in reserving one.

June 3,2014

We also do windows!! Thanks to Lynn and Tia who each produced works of art for our windows.
June 3,2014
shima_nishikiLots of wonderful plants still available. Some of the plants just coming in to bloom now include; Prunella, Salvia, Iris, Hemerocallis (Daylilies), Astilbe, Tradescantia, Astrantia, Clematis, Van-Houtti Spireas, all of the Roses including Climbing, Hybrid Tea, Floribunda and Explorers.

Tree Peony 'Shima Nishiki' in bloom.
April 2014
springGH3All four greenhouses are full of plants now, the bad weather caused a delay to the start of our potting season, but everything is quickly catching up, to be ready for the spring planting season.
Look for updates to the catalogue page in the next week.
Opening day is April 20th!!

Fall 2013
full pondWe are very excited about the new pond at the back of the property. It will be used for trials of pond plants, over-wintering waterlilies, and also just for the pure fun of having a pond! Lots of wildlife have already been attracted, including a visit from a local Heron and a large population of frogs. (Less after the Heron visit.)
Aug 1, 2013
Did you know we sell Ornamental grasses?  We have large quantities of high quality ornamental grasses available.
March 20, 2013
pink snowlady     The first round of planting was just finished when we got yet more snow...Conditions were perfect so we made a snow-lady, complete with Made in the Shade pink dress.
     The greenhouses are full, with lots of new items, including a good selection of Itoh Peonies, Tree Peonies, lots of Hosta, Daylilies and so much more.

     Opening day is April 20th but visitors are welcome Mon to Fri 9-5 if you just need a dose of growing things. Weekend visits should be arranged by email.
Sept 1,2011
ThalictrumWhat's in Bloom;
In the Shade....Actea (Bugbane), Chelone (Turtlehead), Ligularia, Plumbago, Thalictrum.
In the Part Shade ... Japanese Anemone, Summer Phlox, Black-Eyed-Susan
In the Sun.... Russian Sage, Sedum, Joe-Pye Weed, Helenium, Heliopsis,  Buddleia, Roses, Chrysanthemums,
Oenthera (Sundrops)
and more

                                                                 Photo Thalictrum splendid
May 28, 2011
pond frontThe new pond at the front is working very well and is now stocked with Water-Lilies, Pickerel Lilies, Miniature Bullrushes, Marsh Marigolds, Water Hyacinths and Water-Lettuce.
May 28, 2011
TurtleRain Rain Rain.....and a visitor to the nursery. This painted turtle came through right beside the patio behind the house. Perhaps it was trying to get to drier land? Certainly it was at least 500 ft from anything remotely resembling a pond.
      All the rain we have had this spring has made for lots of lush growth on our plants...and very little watering needed.

May 19, 2011
Bleeding heartWhat's in Bloom.  Brunnera are still going strong, as are the primula's. The Aubrieta's and Arabis (Rockcress) are pretty and the Moss Phlox is starting. The Anemone blanda we potted up has been blooming for over a month now, and the Cammasia are about to bloom. The late tulips we planted in the front garden are spectacular and loving the cool weather. There are lots more varieties in bloom to see when you visit.
April 29, 2011
Open for the season.  Greenhouses are stuffed, with lots of new varieties to choose from as well as old favorites.  In blom now are Hepaticas, Brunnera, English Bluebells and Trilliums as well as many more just about ready to flower. scilla picking  In the gardens the daffodils are just starting their display, and the scilla, chinodoxa crocus and other small lawn bulbs are putting on a wonderful display.

The four year old in the picture was enjoying herslf in a sea of Scilla in her backyard this week.
May 26, 2010
Tree PeonyJapanese Tree Peony in bloom in the garden. Spectacular!!!
This is a Paeonia suffruticosa 'Shimadaijin' (Island Minister) blooming in my garden today. It was planted two years ago. The flower is about the size of a cereal bowl. The tree peonies prefer a location with good light but some protection from the hot mid day sun. They will slowly grow to waist high. A beautiful specimen for your partially shaded border.
There are still 4 left for sale, hurry though, they won't last long!
May 22, 2010
Plants Out FrontIrises in BloomVictoria Day Weekend!
This is traditionally the weekend your frost worries are over and a great time to get out in the garden. Most of our new stock is out of the greenhouses and ready to plant. The irises are blooming like mad, and it's all much more stunning in person. We're open 10 to 6 all weekend.
April 20, 2010
Hosta First FrostGreenhouse 2Greenhouse 2 is full of plants for the sun, as well as some spillover shade loving plants. Hosta First Frost on the right is this years Hosta of the Year, and this photo taken on the 18th shows how big and full the plants are already.
January 24, 2010
pro-mix down hillGetting Ready for Planting. During the winter we prepare for spring planting. On of the chores is getting pro-mix down into greenhouse #3. As you can see, we like to combine work with play, using our wheel-barrow sled. This is also the time of year we make the new catalogue and do our planning for the coming season. Plans are in the works for a booth at the up-coming Garden Show in Kingston, March 5-7.
October 3, 2009
Aster - SaphireOctober is great month for Ornamental Grasses. They provide interest through the fall and all winter long with their tall stalks and plumes.

Many perennials are still going strong in October with vibrant blooms to brighten your garden. Come in and see the display stock blooming now -- we're open 6 days a week until the end of the month (except Thanksgiving Weekend).

The foliage on many plants like this Brunnera lasts well into the fall with sharper contrasts under the greyer fall skies.

Chelone - Turtle HeadBrunnera - Jack Frost

May 17, 2009
The new Made in the Shade Perennials Inc. web site went on-line today, so watch this space for news about  what's happening at the nursery, which plants are blooming this week, and what's on special.

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