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Ornamental Grass Catalogue

Ornamental grasses are a great low maintenance solution for winter interest.  The Carex and Hakonechloa families prefer shaded situations, and have wonderful clump forming habits. Miscanthus and Calamagrostis account for many of the old, tall, well established plants we see in our area.
Grasses can be left tall for winter interest  then cut in early spring.
Some blue varieties do not need to be cut but need old stems combed out.
 Last updated 2022-09-05 check availability for exact quantities
Please quote Code along with name and quantity when ordering ie 4 GRAS170.5 Avalanche
These are the grasses we hope to get from our suppliers along with many already in stock. Prices are tax included and subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to limit quantities.
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Calamagrostis Avalanche
Calamagrostis Karl Foerster
Carex Kaga Nishiki
Carex Ice Dance
Grass Carex pensylvanica
Calamagrostis Calamagrostis Carex Carex Carex
Avalanche Karl Foerster Kaga Nishiki Ice Dance pensylvanica
100 cm tall 140 cm tall 35 cm tall 25 cm tall 25 cm tall
Variegated Reed Feathered Reed Gold Fountains Sedge Sedge Native Sedge
white centers narrow green edge green tall golden green deep green with white edges bright green
$18 2 Gal pot $15 1 Gal square pot $12.50 12cm pot $15 1 Gal square pot $12.50 12cm pot
GRAS170.5 GRAS190.4 GRAS210.3 GRAS230.4 GRAS250.3

Sold Out

Deschampsia Northern Lights
Festuca Elijah Blue
Hakonechloa aureola
Hakonechloa Sun Flare
Leymus Blue Dune
Deschampsia Festuca Hakonechloa Hakonechloa Leymus
Northern Lights Elijah Blue Aureola Sunflare Blue Dune
35 cm tall 25 cm tall 35 cm tall 35 cm tall 60 cm tall
Tufted Hair Grass Blue Fescue Japanese Forest Japanese Forest Blue Lyme
green and cream variegated with blushing on new growth blue gold variegated gold & red pastel blue 
$15 1 Gal square pot $12.50 12cm pot $15 12cm pot $15 12cm pot $15 1 Gal square pot
GRAS310.4 GRAS350.3 GRAS410.3 GRAS450.3 GRAS550.4
Sold Out
Sold Out

Miscanthus Gold Bar
Miscanthus Little Miss
Miscanthus purpurascens
Miscanthus Strictus
Miscanthus giganteus
Miscanthus Miscanthus Miscanthus Miscanthus Miscanthus
Gold bar Little Miss Purpurascens Strictus giganteus
125 cm tall 90 cm tall 120 cm tall 200 cm tall 300 cm tall
Zebra Maiden Autumn Red Porcupine Giant Maiden
green with yellow horizontal bars green developing red streaks through the season, vibrant red in fall fall red
silver feather in fall
yellow bars green
best very tall
$15 1 Gal square pot $15 1 Gal square pot $15 1 Gal square pot $15 1 Gal square pot $18 2 Gal pot
GRAS625.4 GRAS655.4 GRAS670.4 GRAS710.4 GRAS750.5
Sold Out
Sold Out

Sold Out

Panicum Blood Brothers
Panicum Shenandoah
Schizachyrium Blue Heaven
SChizachyrium Prarie Blues

Panicum Panicum Schizachyrium Schizachyrium
Blood Brothers Shenandoah Blue Heaven Prarie Blues
150 cm tall 80 cm tall 55 cm tall 80 cm tall
Switch Switch Little Blue Stem Little Blue Stem
green developing burgundy red streaks through the season green red tips to deep purple steel blue with purple streaking deep blue, burgundy fall
$15 1 Gal square pot $15 1 Gal square pot $15 1 Gal square pot $15 1 Gal square pot
GRAS770.4 GRAS775.4 GRAS840.4 GRAS850.4

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