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Echinacea Purple Cone-Flowers

Echinacea are colourful mainstays of the summer garden. Long lasting flowers stand atop sturdy stems. Colours range from white to red, through orange and pink. Double or single flowers give different forms to this pretty plant. A favourite of butterflies. Seed heads can be left on for winter interest and to feed birds. To strengthen new plants flower production should be limited.
 Prices are tax included and subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to limit quantities.
Last updated 2024-07-07  Echinacea for 2024. These are the Echinacea in stock
When ordering specify CODE and quantity  ie ECH015.4 x 3

Echinacea p. Artisan™ Soft Orange
Echinacea Butterfly Kisses
Echinacea p. Carrot Cake
Echinacea p. Coconut Lime
Soft Orange
Butterfly Kisses Carrot Cake Coconut Lime
65 cm tall 40 cm tall 35 cm tall 55 cm tall
$21 {18.58} 1 Gal SOLD OUT $21 {18.58} 1 Gal $21 {18.58} 1 Gal
ECH015.4 ECH043.4 ECH049.4 ECH058.4

Echinacea p. Fatal Attraction
Echinacea p. Magnus
Echinacea p. Orange Fascinator
Echinacea p. Ruby Star
Fatal Attraction Magnus Orange Fascinator Ruby Star

60 cm tall 90 cm tall 45 cm tall 90 cm tall
$21 {18.58} 1 Gal $21 {18.58} 1 Gal $21 {18.58} 1 Gal $21 {18.58} 1 Gal
ECH075.4 ECH400.4 ECH570.4 ECH763.4

Echinacea p. Sombrero Salsa Red
echinacea ss sweet fuschia
Echinacea p. Sunseeker Tequila
Echinacea p. White Swan
Salsa Red
Sweet Fuchsia
Tequila Sunrise
White Swan
60 cm tall 50 cm tall 50 cm tall 90 cm tall
$21 {18.58} 1 Gal SOLD OUT
$21 {18.58} 1 Gal $21 {18.58} 1 Gal
ECH768.4 ECH834.4 ECH816.4 ECH920.4

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