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Iris Catalogue
Iris come in many shapes and sizes. From the classic Bearded Iris that thrive in the hottest of sun to the Japanese ensata and flag types that like wet feet. Siberian Iris are in between and give a lovely vertical accent to our gardens. To strengthen plants cut off flower stalks. Bearded varieties benefit from having leaves trimmed down in late summer to expose the rhizomes to the sun. All Iris are heavy feeders and need fertilizer and splitting every 3-5 years to thrive. Split Iris after the flower, bearded Iris in full hot summer.
Prices are tax included and subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to limit quantities.
Last updated 2023-11-07
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Please use the CODE when ordering, along with name and quantity. ie. 3 IRIE315.4 Blueberry Pie
Iris ger. 'Blue Suede Shoes'
Iris ger. 'Bountiful Harvest'
Iris ger. 'Discovered Treasure '
Iris ger. 'Immortality '
Blue Suede Shoes Bountiful Harvest Discovered Treasure Immortality
germanica - Bearded germanica - Bearded germanica - Bearded germanica - Bearded
NEW Re-Blooms Re-Blooms
$12.50 {11.06} $12.50 {11.06} $12.50 {11.06} $12.50 {11.06}
IRIG060.3 IRIG070.3 IRIG185.3 IRIG250.3

Iris ger. 'Pink Attraction '
Iris ger. 'Recurring Delight'
Iris ger. 'Superstition '
Iris pallida 'Albo variegata'
Pink Attraction Recurring Delight Superstition variegata
germanica - Bearded germanica - Bearded germanica - Bearded pallida - Zebra
NEW Re-Blooms

$12.50 {11.06} $12.50 {11.06} $12.50 {11.06} $12.50 {11.06}
IRIG450.3 IRIG455.3 IRIG650.3 IRIP900.3

Iris pallida 'Aureo Variegata'
Iris pumila Blue
Iris pumila 'Freeze Frame'
Iris pumila 'Riveting'
Aureo Variegata Blue Freeze Frame Riveting
pallida - Golden pumila - Dwarf Bearded pumila - Dwarf Bearded pumila - Dwarf Bearded
$12.50 {11.06} $12.50 {11.06} $12.50 {11.06} $12.50 {11.06}
IRIP905.3 IRIP930.3 IRIP937.3 IRIP954.3

Iris ensata 'Blueberry Pie'
Iris ensata 'Variegata'
Iris siberica 'I See Stars'
Iris siberica 'On Mulberry Street'
Blueberry Pie Variegata I See Stars On Mulberry Street
ensata - Japanese ensata - Japanese siberica - Siberian siberica - Siberian
$15 {13.27} $15 {13.27} $15 {13.27} $15 {13.27}
IRIE315.4 IRIE390.4 IRIS400.4 IRIS510.4

Iris sibirica 'Paprikash'
Iris siberica 'Tipped In Blue'
Iris versicolor 'Gerald Darby'
Iris pseudacorus 'variegata'
Papikash Tipped In Blue Gerald Darby variegata
sibirica - Siberian siberica - Siberian versicolor - Blue Flag pseudoacorus - Yellow Flag
$15 {13.27} $15 {13.27} $15 {13.27} $15 {13.27}
IRIS525.4 IRIS820.4 IRIS910.4 IRIP910.4

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