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Paeonia Catalogue

Itoh Peonies combine the large flowers of the suffruticosa types (Tree peonies) with the durability of the lactiflora types (regular garden varieties). The tenufolia is known as fern-leaf peony. Tree peonies (suffruticosa) prefer part shade, are less drought tolerant and should not be pruned in spring except for removing dead branches. Do not mulch Peonies too heavily, nor add soil over crowns.      
All peonies are Deer Resistant. Acid Tolerant                                          
These are the peonies we hope to get from our suppliers. Prices are tax included {before tax} and subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to limit quantities.  When ordering quote CODE and quantity ie PAEL030.4 x 2
Last updated 2024-01-04
Peony itoh Callies Memory
Peony itoh First Arrival
Peony itoh Kopper Kettle
Peony itoh Old Rose Dandy
Peony itoh Pastel Splendor
Callies Memory First Arrival Kopper Kettle Old Rose Dandy Pastel Splendor
itoh itoh itoh itoh itoh

$54 {47.79} 2 Gal $39 {34.39} 1 Gal $84 {74.84} 2 Gal $39 {34.39} 1 Gal $48 {42.48} 1 Gal
PAEI025.5 PAEI040.4 PAEI052.5 PAEI056.4 PAEI060.4

Peony itoh Pink Ardour
Peony itoh Scrumdiddlyumptious
Peony itoh Yellow Waterlily
Peony tenuifolia Itoba
Peony tenuifolia Plena
Pink Ardour Scrumdiddlyumptious Yellow Waterlily Itoba Plena
itoh itoh itoh tenuifolia tenuifolia

$39 {34.39} 1 Gal $72 {63.72} 2 Gal $39 {34.39} 1 Gal $60 {53.60} 1 Gal $84 {74.84} 1 Gal
PAEI065.4 PAEI080.5 PAEI095.4 PAET400.4 PAET500.4

Peony suffruticosa Hanakisoi
Peony suffruticosa Kamata-nishiki
Peony suffruticosa Kao
Peony suffruticosa Renkaku
Peony suffruticosa Shima-nishiki
Hanakisoi Kamata-nishiki Kao Renkaku Shima-nishiki
suffruticosa suffruticosa suffruticosa suffruticosa suffruticosa
$60 {53.60} 1 Gal $60 {53.60} 1 Gal $60 {53.60} 2 Gal $60 {53.60} 1 Gal $60 {53.60} 2 Gal
PAES855.4 PAES890.4 PAES875.5 PAES903.4 PAES930.5

Peony lactiflora Bridal Shower
Peony lactiflora Coral Sunset
Peony lactiflora Do Tell
Peony lactiflora Flame
Peony lactiflora Francois Ortegat
Bridal Shower Coral Sunset Do Tell Flame   Francois Ortegat
lactiflora lactiflora lactiflora lactiflora lactiflora
$24 {21.24} 1 Gal $21 {18.58} 1 Gal $33 {29.33} 3 Gal $21 {18.58} 1 Gal $18 {15.93} 1 Gal
PAEL030.4 PAEL097.4 PAEL099.6 PAEL200.4 PAEL220.4

Peony lactiflora Immaculee
Peony lactiflora Jacoma
Peony lactiflora Joker
Peony lactiflora Kansas
Peony lactiflora Sorbet
Immaculee Jacoma Joker Kansas Sorbet
lactiflora lactiflora lactiflora lactiflora lactiflora

$21 {18.58} 1 Gal $18 {15.93} 1 Gal $33 {29.33} 3 Gal $33 {29.33} 3 Gal $33 {29.33} 3 Gal
PAEL320.4 PAEL330.4 PAEL340.6 PAEL400.6 PAEL755.6

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