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2022 Seed List
Many seeds are available immediately. We can mail seeds for a small fee to cover stamps and envelope.
We also give away  used seed trays and various sized pots. All seed packages are $3.50 including tax {3.09}.
We can take payment via e transfer or over the phone with a credit card or in person by appointment.
This form is also available as a PDF you can then print and send a photo of or we can take your order by email or over the phone between 10 am and 4 pm Mon-Fri (613-382-8251)
Family Type Variety order tax in 
Beans Bush Green Provider   $3.50
Beans Bush Green Maxibel    $3.50
Beans Bush Mix mixed colour   $3.50
Beans Bush Purple Magenta Magic Orach   $3.50
Beans Bush Yellow Goldrush   $3.50
Beans Bush Yellow Rocdor   $3.50
Beans Pole  Scarlet Runner Beans   $3.50
Beans Pole Mix mixed colour   $3.50
Beans Pole Rattlesnake green streaked purple   $3.50
Beans Pole Yellow Monte Gusto Yellow Pole Bean   $3.50
Beet Chioggia candy stripe   $3.50
Beet Detroit Dark Red red   $3.50
Beet Touchstone Gold gold   $3.50
Brassica Arugula     $3.50
Brassica Bok Choy     $3.50
Brassica Broccolli De Cicco    $3.50
Brassica Chinese Cabbage Tokyo Bekana   $3.50
Brassica Kale Green   $3.50
Brassica Kale Red  Russian   $3.50
Brassica Mesclun Basic  Blend    $3.50
Brassica Mesclun mixed colour   $3.50
Brassica Mustard Mighty Mix   $3.50
Brassica Radish French Breakfast   $3.50
Brassica Radish  Daikon   $3.50
Brassica Radish  Watermelon   $3.50
Brassica Radish Raxe Raxe / Regular   $3.50
Brassica Turnip White Globe   $3.50
Carrot regular mixed colour   $3.50
Carrot regular orange   $3.50
Carrot regular Scarlet Nantes   $3.50
Celery Tall green   $3.50
Flower Agastache Anise Hyssop   $3.50
Flower Amaranth Coral Fountains   $3.50
Flower Amaranth Hopi Red Dye    $3.50
Flower Annual Poppy Mix   $3.50
Flower Bachelor buttons     $3.50
Flower Broomcorn Amish Rainbow    $3.50
Flower Calendula     $3.50
Flower Chamomile     $3.50
Flower Celosia Mix   $3.50
Flower Coreopsis     $3.50
Flower Corn Poppy     $3.50
Flower Nasturtium Jewel Mixed Double   $3.50
Flower Nicotiana Virginia Tobacco   $3.50
Flower Nigella Black Cumin    $3.50
Flower Nigella Love in the Mist    $3.50
Flower Scabiosa Black Knight scabiosa   $3.50
Flower Strawflower Mix   $3.50
Flower Sunflower Mix   $3.50
Flower Zinnia Mix   $3.50
Herb Basil Purple    $3.50
Herb Basil Regular   $3.50
Herb Dill Bouquet   $3.50
Herb Parsley flat   $3.50
Lettuce Butterhead red highlights   $3.50
Lettuce Leaf green   $3.50
Lettuce Leaf mixed colour   $3.50
Lettuce Oak Leaf Red   $3.50
Lettuce Radicchio Early Treviso   $3.50
Lettuce Romaine x Butterhead Sucrine   $3.50
Okra Okra Clemson Spineless   $3.50
Onion Chives     $3.50
Onion Scallion Parade   $3.50
Pea Shelling Green Arrow   $3.50
Pea Snow  Oregon Sugar Pod II    $3.50
Pea Sugar Snap  Cascadia    $3.50
Pea Sugar Snap  Sugar Magnolia    $3.50
Pea Sugar Snap  Sugaree   $3.50
Pepper Hot Cayenne Red - Red Rocket   $3.50
Pepper Medium Hot Mixed colour - Bomb   $3.50
Pepper Sweet Red long - Karma   $3.50
Pepper Sweet Red>Purple - Violet Sparkle   $3.50
Selenium Eggplant Black Beauty   $3.50
Selenium Ground Cherry Yellow   $3.50
Selenium Tomatillo Purple    $3.50
Spinach Verdil green   $3.50
Squash Cucumber English   $3.50
Squash Cucumber Field   $3.50
Squash Cucumber Pickling   $3.50
Squash Melon Canteloupe Petit Gris de Renne    $3.50
Squash Melon Kiwano Horned Jelly   $3.50
Squash Melon Mouse   $3.50
Squash Melon Watermelon Blacktail Mountain   $3.50
Squash Pumpkin Jack-of-All-Trades   $3.50
Squash Pumpkin Small Sugar   $3.50
Squash Pumpkin Winter Luxury   $3.50
Squash Summer Zucchini Black Beauty   $3.50
Squash Winter Acorn - Sweet Reeba   $3.50
Squash Winter Butternut - Waltham   $3.50
Squash Winter Pattypan Yellow Flying Saucer   $3.50
Squash Winter Spaghetti   $3.50
Squash Winter Zeplin   $3.50
Swiss Chard  Rainbow fancy mixed colour   $3.50
Tomato Cherry indeterminate Mix   $3.50
Tomato Cherry indeterminate Red - Peacevine   $3.50
Tomato Cherry indeterminate Yellow - Galina   $3.50
Tomato Paste bush Red - Napoli A Fiaschetto   $3.50
Tomato Slicer indeterminate Purple  - Cherokee Purple   $3.50
Tomato Slicer indeterminate Red - Montreal Tasty   $3.50

Made in the Shade Perennials
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