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Tulips on order for fall 2023
When ordering please specify; Quantity of bags, Name & code  ie 3 bags Artist TUL132
We reserve the right to limit quantities   UPDATED 2023-03-31
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The Tulips are listed alphabetically except for the species Tulips at top
Tulip Daystemon Tarda
Tulip Humilis alba
Tulip Little Beauty
Tulip Lizzy
Daystemon Tarda Humilis alba Little Beauty Lizzy
species species species species
yellow white purple hot pink red  
10 cm tall 10 cm tall 10 cm tall 15 cm tall
$6.25 for 20 $10 for 3 $6.25 for 20 $6.25 for 20
TUL103 TUL128 TUL107 TUL129

Tulip Alison Bradley
Tulip Angelique
Tulip Artist
Tulip Candy Prince
Alison Bradley Angelique Artist Candy Prince
double early double late viridiflora single early
black pink double peach blue
35 cm tall 45 cm tall 45 cm tall 45 cm tall
$12.50 for 12 $12.50 for 12 $12.50 for 12 $12.50 for 20
TUL130 TUL131 TUL132 TUL133

Tulip Estella Rynveld
Tulip Helmar
Tulip Ice Cream
Tulip Joyful Hearts
Estella Rynveld Helmar Ice Cream Joyful Hearts
parrot triumph novelty double early mix
red white yellow purple weird pink white Amazing Grace &
Copper Image
55 cm tall 30 cm tall 40 cm tall 45 cm tall
$12.50 for 12 $12.50 for 15 $12.50 for 8 $14 for 12
TUL134 TUL135 TUL136 TUL137

Tulip Light and Dreamy
Tulip Maureen
Tulip Mysterious Parrot
Tulip Pep Talk
Light and Dreamy Maureen Mysterious Parrot Pep Talk
darwin single late parrot double late
pale purple pink white purple stripy reds
50 cm tall 55 cm tall 45 cm tall 30 cm tall
$12.50 for 12 $12.50 for 15 $12.50 for 8 $12.50 for 8
TUL138 TUL109 TUL111 TUL139

Tulip Pineapple Express
Tulip Queen of Night
Tulip Rococo
Tulip Slawa
Pineapple Express  Queen of Night Rococo Slawa
double peony mix single late parrot triumph
Sunlover &
Yellow Pomponette
black rainbow black red
50 cm tall 60 cm tall 35 cm tall 50 cm tall
$14 for 16 $12.50 for 15 $12.50 for 15 $12.50 for 15
TUL140 TUL115 TUL120 TUL123

Tulip Snow Crystal
Tulip Sweet English Rose
Tulip Sweet Sixteen
Tulip Yellow Wave
Snow Crystal Sweet English Rose Sweet Sixteen Yellow Wave
double fringed double late mix fosteriana darwin
white double Apricot Angelique &
Double Shirley
pink yellow  variegated 
40 cm tall 50 cm tall 30 cm tall 50 cm tall
$12.50 for 12 $14 for 14 $12.50 for 15 $12.50 for 15
TUL141 TUL142 TUL143 TUL145

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