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Hemerocallis Daylilies

These are the  Daylilies we hope to get from our suppliers. Prices are tax included and subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to limit quantities.
Last updated 2022-11-23 New for 2023
Please quote Code along with name and quantity when ordering ie 4 HEM125.4 Black Stockings
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Hemerocallis 'Band of Fire'
Hemerocallis 'Bela Lugosi'
Hemerocallis 'Black Stockings'
Hemerocallis 'Desert Icicle'
Hemerocallis 'Entrapment'
Band of Fire Bela Lugosi Black Stockings Desert Icicle Entrapment

75 cm tall 85 cm tall 60 cm tall 70 cm tall 55 cm tall
yellow with wide red rings, ruffled red and gold edge deep purple deep burgundy to black with frilled edge spider unique yellow pink lavender pink
Re-blooming Re-blooming Re-blooming Fragrant Night Blooming Re-blooming
$21 {$18.58} $18 {$15.92} $15 {$13.27} $18 {$15.92} $18 {$15.92}
HEM090.4 HEM100.4 HEM125.4 HEM301.4 HEM306.4

Hemerocallis 'Golden Zebra' /
Hemerocallis 'Hanalei Bay'
Hemerocallis 'Marque Moon'
Hemerocallis 'Mexican Fiesta'
Hemerocallis 'Moses Fire'
Golden Zebra Hanalei Bay Marque Moon Mexican Fiesta Moses Fire

25 cm tall 60 cm tall 60 cm tall 90 cm tall 55 cm tall
gold, foliage variegated white wide purple edge and throat pale yellow frilled ruffled orange red yellow double red ruffled
Re-blooming Re-blooming Re-blooming Re-blooming Re-blooming
$21 {$18.58} $21 {$18.58} $21 {$18.58} $21 {$18.58} $15 {$13.27}
HEM375.4 HEM390.4 HEM495.4 HEM510.4 HEM540.4

Hemerocallis 'On and On'
Hemerocallis 'Polestar'
Hemerocallis 'Red Hot Returns'
Hemerocallis 'South Seas'
Hemerocallis 'Spacecoast Better
On and On Polestar Red Hot Returns South Seas Spacecoast
Better Late

40 cm tall 70 cm tall 70 cm tall 75 cm tall 65 cm tall
pale coral pale pink burgundy edge and throat deep red  salmon orange wine purple ruffled yellow edge
Re-blooming Re-blooming Re-blooming
$18 {$15.92} $18 {$15.92} $15 {$13.27} $15 {$13.27} $18 {$15.92}
HEM565.4 HEM587.4 HEM620.4 HEM680.4 HEM685.4

Hemerocallis 'Spacecoast Sea
Hemerocallis 'Stella d'Oro'
Hemerocallis 'Strawberry Candy'

Sea Shells
Stella d'Oro Strawberry Candy

70 cm tall 40 cm tall 60 cm tall

pale cream wine red edge and throat yellow pink eye

Re-blooming Re-blooming Re-blooming

$18 {$15.92} $12.50 {$11.06} $15 {$13.27}

HEM687.4 HEM700.4 HEM900.4

Made in the Shade Perennials Inc.
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