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Heuchera and Tiarella

Heuchera, Tiarella and the crosses between them, Heucherella are great foliage plants for shade or part shade areas in your garden. They combine well with Hosta, Alchemilla (Ladies Mantle), Epimedium or Pulmonaria.  Foliage colours range from greens with subtle red markings to oranges and purples. Flowers range from insignificant to spectacular. They are fairly drought tolerant but will burn at the edges in hot sun. All prefer afternoon shade. Heuchera, Heucherella and Tiarella are semi-evergreen and so should never be cut down in fall. In spring carefully cut off dead leaves. Do not cut crown.
Deer Resistant and Acid Tolerant.                                                                      
Last updated 2024-05-13
Please quote Code along with name and quantity when ordering ie 2  HEU260.4 Berry Smoothie
These are the Heuchera and Tiarella we have this year. Prices are tax included and subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to limit quantities.
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Heuchera Berry Smoothie
Heuchera x Black Forest Cake
Heuchera Caramel SOLD OUT
Heuchera x Dew Drops
Berry Smoothie Black Forest Cake Caramel Dew Drops
Heuchera Heuchera Heuchera Heuchera
Coral Bells Coral Bells Coral Bells Coral Bells
Flower white Flower pink red Flower white orange Flower coral red
 SOLD OUT $15 {13.27} 1 Gal  SOLD OUT $15 {13.27} 1 Gal
HEU260.4 HEU276.4 HEU310.4 HEU327.4

Heuchera x Frilly
Heuchera Midnight Rose SOLD OUT
Heuchera x Northern Exposure
Heuchera x Obsidian
Frilly Midnight Rose Northern
Exposure Silver
Heuchera Heuchera Heuchera Heuchera
Coral Bells Coral Bells Coral Bells Coral Bells
Flower yellow Flower pink Flower pink Flower white
$15 {13.27} 1 Gal  SOLD OUT $15 {13.27} 1 Gal $15 {13.27} 1 Gal
HEU419.4 HEU441.4 HEU447.4 HEU449.4

Heuchera Sweet Tea
Heuchera Timeless Night SOLD OUT
Tiarella cordifolia

Sweet Tea Timeless Night cordifolia Native
Heucherella Heuchera Tiarella Tiarella & Heuchera
Foamy Bells Coral Bells Foamflower Heucherella is crossed
Flower white pink Flower pink Flower white Shady Forests
 SOLD OUT  SOLD OUT $12 {11.06} 12cm  Do Not Cut Foliage
HEU790.4 HEU643.4 TIA900.3 Semi-Evergreen

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